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Database Technologies

MySql Development

MySQL is the world’s second most widely used relational database management system and most widely used open-source RDBMS. It is an easy to use, yet extremely powerful, secured, and scalable solution for database implementation. Moreover, its small size and speed makes it an ideal database development solution for many of the applications and websites.

Why to use MySQL?

Easy to use

MySQL is incredibly easy to use. It just requires a few simple SQL statements to build and interact with MySQL.


MySQL implements solid data security layers to protect sensitive data from intruders and hackers. Specific rights can be defined to allow some or all privileges to different level of individuals. Even the passwords are encrypted which makes the security even more rigid.


MySQL is available for free download from MySQL Web site. It is can be used with your projects at absolutely no cost.

Performance & Speed

MySQL implements low latency with in-memory tables and indexes, binding of threads to CPUs and asynchronous check-pointing to disk that enables it to deliver real time responsiveness. Furthermore, the distributed cross-shard joins enables parallel processing across local copies of data.


MySQL holds an exceptional ability to handle almost any amount of data, typically as much as 50 million rows or even more. Although the default file size limit is around 4 GB, you can increase it to a theoretical limit of 8 TB. Auto-sharding and multi-master replication make it even more scalable.

Intelligent memory management

MySQL server has been thoroughly tested to prevent any memory leak issues.

Platform Independent

It can be used with any of the platforms whether it is OpenCart, Magento and Joomla or Java and It can run on many operating systems including Windows, Linux and many varieties of UNIX such as Sun, Solaris, AIX, OS/2, FreeBSD, and others. To add more, it supports several of the development interfaces including JDBC, ODBC, scripting (PHP and Perl) and many others.

Firebase Development

Firebase is known as one of the finest mobile app development frameworks which help in improving the simplicity of product development. It also helps in adding value to the agility in the development process like the integration of the platform, enhancing the frame, fixing the error and bug and at last in releasing the developed processes. This framework is built on Google infrastructure and contributes a role in marketing and improved user engagement at the application.

Developing an App with Better Functionality


Improved Quality of the Existing App


Help in Growing the Visibility of Your Business

Advance Features of Firebase Framework

While choosing the perfect framework for your app development, it is vital to understand the features of the platform first. It helps in understanding the overall outlook of the app and the benefits you can enjoy with the existing features. Some of the advanced features of Firebase are as follows:

Application Integration

Firebase allows you the ease of integration among the cross-platform of web and Android and iOS platform. Not only does it save the efforts by the developers but the delivery of the project is quicker as compared to other frameworks.

Google Support

Considering an e-commerce site with a real-time database, the scalability might become an issue since the application becomes too large to handle. But since Firebase is built on Google, it is easier to scale the applications no matter how large the app might be!

Ease of Data Management

Searching for the AdWords for a blog on the site and linking the same every time, is a time-consuming process in data management. Firebase helps in managing the user segment of analytics and automatically links the adwords to the same. It also manages the notification and filters the most relevant content on the site.

Real-time Database

The real-time database is like your saving you have been structuring from so many years. Letting it go will affect your business growth. This platform helps in storing and sharing the data on an instant basis which helps in building the app faster with real-time data.

Test Lab Facility

Firebase test labs introduce cloud-based infrastructure that helps in testing the apps which are hosted on Google. That makes the testing process simpler and quicker.

Cloud Firestore

This is an amazing scalable database which is quite flexible in storing and syncing the data on a global scale. Because without scaling your data correctly, you might lose on the significant process and information you might require in the future.

Firebase Storage

From web development to application development, it is vital to keep the data secure and debug all the errors that might run in the future as well. With Firebase Storage, the purpose of security and scalability is effortlessly utilized.

MongoDB Development

MongoDB is an open-source database development solution that receives an archive situated information demonstrate for its working. It was concocted by Dwight Merriman and Eliot Horowitz when they were confronting improvement and versatility issues with conventional social database approaches while building web applications for a web promoting organization named Double Click which is presently claimed by Google Inc.
As indicated by the maker Dwight Merriman, the name of the database was gotten from the word ‘humongous’ to serve to support the extensive measure of information. Merriman and Horrowitz helped shape 10GenInc. in 2007 to market MongoDB and its related software’s. The organization was renamed MongoDB Inc. in 2013.
This database is an archive database with adaptability and versatility required for all the questioning and ordering. Rather than utilizing tables and lines which is the situation in social databases, MongoDB is developed on the engineering of accumulations and archives. These archives involve sets of key esteem combined and fill in as the fundamental unit information in MongoDB. Then again, gathering contains sets of records and capacities as likeness social database tables.

The main Features of this database are

Fields in this database record can be ordered with essential and auxiliary lists.
MongoDB Contributes high accessibility with copy sets. An imitation set incorporates at least two duplicates of information.
Load Balancing
MongoDB scales on a level plane utilizing shading. It can keep running on different servers which adjusts the heap and furthermore copies the information for keeping the framework up and running if there should be an occurrence of equipment disappointment.
File stockpiling
It can be used as a document framework that incorporates stack adjusting and information replication includes over different machines for putting away records.
The system empowers the client to acquire the sort of results for which the SQL bunch by proviso is utilized.
Server–Side JavaScript Execution
JavaScript can be utilized as a part of questions, total capacities, (for example, Map Reduce), and furthermore specifically sent to the database to be executed.

MariaDB Development

MariaDB Server is a standout amongst the most prevalent database servers on the planet. It’s made by the first designers of MySQL and ensured to remain open source. Prominent clients incorporate Wikipedia,, and Google.
MariaDB hands information into organized data over a wide exhibit of uses, running from saving money to sites. It is an upgraded, drop-in substitution for MySQL. MariaDB is utilized on the grounds that it is quick, adaptable, and strong, with a rich biological community of capacity motors, modules and numerous different devices that make it extremely flexible for a wide assortment of utilization cases.
MariaDB is created as open-source programming and as a social database technologies, it gives a SQL interface to get to the information. The most recent renditions of MariaDB additionally incorporate GIS and JSON highlights.
MariaDB versus MySQL – Features
MariaDB versus MySQL – Compatibility
MariaDB Success Stories.

Highlights of MariaDB

MariaDB is authorized under GPL, LGPL, or BSD.
MariaDB incorporates a wide determination of capacity motors, including superior stockpiling motors, for working with different RDBMS information sources.
MariaDB utilizes a standard and mainstream questioning dialect.
MariaDB keeps running on various working frameworks and backings a wide assortment of programming dialects.
MariaDB offers a bolster for PHP, a standout amongst the most well-known web advancement dialects.
MariaDB offers Galera group innovation.

MS SQL Server Development

MS SQL Server, a relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Microsoft, is a hybrid data platform that delivers breakthrough performance and faster insights for mission-critical applications by using exceptional in-memory technologies. It offers a flexible platform to build, deploy and manage solutions that cover on-premises and cloud.

Why use MS SQL Server for your project deployment?


MS SQL Server employs a Client-Server approach. Hence, the clients need not interact directly with the tables but via an intelligent data manager on the server. It is this manager that reads and writes data from and to the tables. Thus, if a client machine crashes or the network breaks down, it will not affect the underlying tables; instead, the data manager automatically realizes that the transaction has not been processed completely and does not commit the partially transmitted data to the database.

Data Integrity

The use of triggers enforces a high level of data integrity in the MS SQL server. The records can be added, updated, or deleted at the table level and thus, cannot be ignored or bypassed by the client machine.


MS SQL Server is a highly optimized database platform and can usually perform filtering at a very fast rate. Secondly, the amount of data sent across the network link is quite less; hence, improving the performance in dramatic ways.

Network Traffic

Network traffic is significantly reduced in a client-server system. This improves the network reliability by reducing collisions as well as the performance of the network for other software.


With the MS SQL Server client-server architecture, many hundreds or even thousands of concurrent users can be supported without any significant degradation in the performance.

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